I was asked to do a portrait of Ganesha, son of Parvati, but put my own spin on it. Ganesha’s large ears are to listen more, his big head is used to think about the bigger picture, his small eyes are for concentration, his broken tusk contrasting the full tusk symbolizes keeping the good and letting go of the bad, his trunk symbolizes high efficiency and adaptability. Ganesha has four arms as well, so represented that with the four hands.

It was a fun painting and it will be featured in the Get Your Ass to Mars show in September.

11×17 gouache and ink


I had an assignment in second year illustration at OCADU questioning the contents of my fridge. My answer was this abstract piece. Basically, samsara, and additives.

Gouache and ink



This is a flier I’ve been working on for an event I’ve been organizing that will happen in September about the final frontier. The date and time are currently unconfirmed, but hopefully it will be at Function 13 on Kensington within the first week of September. It’s an illustration show with a few sculptures and toys thrown into the mix. All OCAD talent and some of the best/brightest future/present illustrators in Ontario.

The colour of the text is still a work in progress, but overall, this is exactly what it will look like – minus the artists names and info. Of course, once the show is on it will be scanned so I can show it with better resolution along with my submitted pieces nah mean jelly bean?

Goauche and ink

11 x 17

There’s a show coming up in August. Right now, that’s all I’m going to say, but I am happy that I’ve finished two 11×17 paintings for it already. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming at you … a few roughs.

The last piece entitled Bossk and Soda was later redone as a collaborative project with fellow illustrator Nolan Pelletier. He’s a nice guy.


I organized another art show at the Sleeping Giant gallery in February (Valentines weekend) called You Know What Love Is.  I was inspired by the song The Look of Love by Slum Village. We focused on the grimier, more unconventional side of amore.

I really dug my sketches for the show, but when painted, I felt they lost their rawness somehow. It would have been smart if I framed my roughs. It’s like they’re a completely different concept … almost.

Again, we had an amazing group of artists. Some new, some familiar. Always a strong collective it seems, even now as I’m organizing the next event in August it seems like a never ending juggernaut of awesome.

poster design by Sabrina Scott

Prints available of all work shown (excluding poster)

Back in October I was asked to illustrate the poster for Billy Talents FUMS concert in Germany. FUMS is an organization that deals with issues that come with having Multiple Sclerosis. Aaron Solowoniuk, the drummer for the band personally commissioned me for this piece. His experience with developing MS at a young age has enabled him to be an incredible mentor and fighter for the cure of MS.

Here is his article about living with MS


Billy Talent poster

Gouache and ink. 11×17.

These were my contributions to The Villain Show – minus the C.H.U.D. piece I did not have time to scan. I’ll definitely add that later on – it was one of my favourite pieces.

All pieces are 11×17 and are painted in gouache and ink.

Prints available

“They often serve as a contrasting philosophy to the hero which signifies the duality of the human psyche.

They serve their philosophical purpose in offering us a glance into the darkest realms of our imaginations.

They satisfy our curiosities of cruelty and selfishness through their stories.

We are a collective group of artists who have chosen to explore our interpretations of the villain.

Because without the villain the hero has no passion.”

The first show I’ve organized was The Villain Show in November ’09 at Sleeping Giant gallery. It was a lot of fun – both for the artists and our audience. The crowd was huge and so positive that there was no doubt in my mind that this should be an annual event in Toronto.

poster design by Laura Harte

Hey, this is my first entry – and first blog. I’m going to post some old, scrap art from the past that’s either been destroyed, lost, or bought – these things happen y’know, so … fuck it. ENJOY!

Peace n blessins