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Cover illustrated by Trevor Henderson

“Fans of the horrific and the unknown, pay heed! My name is Trevor Henderson, and my Kickstarter co-organizer is Kathryn Bright! I’m assembling an art zine titled “Puffed Shoggoths – A H.P. Lovecraft Art Zine” that will be dedicated to the monstrous and mysterious world of H.P. Lovecraft, one of the worlds most influential horror authors!”

Launched only a week ago, Trevor Hendersons PUFFED SHOGGOTHS has already accumulated $3,500 of his $6,000 goal on KICKSTARTER. Amazing!

PUFFED SHOGGOTHS is a horror fan zine centering around the imaginations of HP Lovecraft interpreted by a bunch of handsome talented artists.

I feel very lucky to be a part of this project and would love to see its creation. As of right now we only have 22 days to go to reach our goal. Help us out by donating anything that can! There are a lot of cool incentives, including a custom Lovecraft ink painting by Trevor Henderson.

You can check out all the incentives and more HERE


Eibons Nightmares by Andrew McNeil


This is not my HP Lovecraft piece BTW.

A buncha handsome artists are collectively paying our respects to HP Lovecraft. Headed by horror fanatic and guru, Trevor Henderson. I’m REALLY looking forward to drawing something completely dark and perverse. Lately, I’ve been doing commissions that are very conservative some might say, so it’ll be a nice contrast. A nice, horrifying, bloody, perverted contrast …