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Cover illustrated by Trevor Henderson

“Fans of the horrific and the unknown, pay heed! My name is Trevor Henderson, and my Kickstarter co-organizer is Kathryn Bright! I’m assembling an art zine titled “Puffed Shoggoths – A H.P. Lovecraft Art Zine” that will be dedicated to the monstrous and mysterious world of H.P. Lovecraft, one of the worlds most influential horror authors!”

Launched only a week ago, Trevor Hendersons PUFFED SHOGGOTHS has already accumulated $3,500 of his $6,000 goal on KICKSTARTER. Amazing!

PUFFED SHOGGOTHS is a horror fan zine centering around the imaginations of HP Lovecraft interpreted by a bunch of handsome talented artists.

I feel very lucky to be a part of this project and would love to see its creation. As of right now we only have 22 days to go to reach our goal. Help us out by donating anything that can! There are a lot of cool incentives, including a custom Lovecraft ink painting by Trevor Henderson.

You can check out all the incentives and more HERE


Eibons Nightmares by Andrew McNeil


Within Eibons epic tomes the Old Ones become infinity

This is not my HP Lovecraft piece BTW.

A buncha handsome artists are collectively paying our respects to HP Lovecraft. Headed by horror fanatic and guru, Trevor Henderson. I’m REALLY looking forward to drawing something completely dark and perverse. Lately, I’ve been doing commissions that are very conservative some might say, so it’ll be a nice contrast. A nice, horrifying, bloody, perverted contrast …

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and yet have a huge body of work still accumulating. Here is my favourite rough draft from 5 months ago …

Hoping to upload a lot more work soon!

A wonderful commission in progress. I am in love with this piece already. I wanna rub it on my chest. Buy it dinner. Sleep beside it at night … etc

There's something you may not know about me Joe Rogan ... I smoke rocks!

For about 25 long years of my existence, I never used paint. Ever. Pure pencil – and rarely, I’d use ink. I felt that the aliveness, or energy of the raw pencil lines were the most important part of my drawings. In some cases, that is true; but ultimately it was my reluctant nature to travel into a new expressive style. Being a hardcore graphic novel fan can do that to you.

This is my first painting. This was the beginning. Now, when I say painting, I mean the first painting I’ve done that wasn’t a colour study or gradient project. This was the first painting I made where it was just me and some tubes of gouache. It was love at first sight. The way the paint took to the illustration board was like watching two soulmates make love for the first time and then; symbiosis. Ectosymbiosis to be exact. Then, just to test things out I traced the outer lines with blue and red ink from micron pens and the ink held and soon dried perfectly. I was sold. I haven’t stopped since. My second painting was actually that of Dr. Gonzo – which is on this blog somewhere. These paintings were created in 2005 or maybe 2006. I’ve re-painted Dr. Gonzo since then, but the background remains untouched. For this painting I was inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. I was actually trying to replicate the animation style as if youcould actually see the squid moving in your mind like that of Tetsuo’s transformation in the movie.

I love gouache. Imma marry it.

From an exhibit last year devoted to monsters and villains. A CHUD is a mutated carnivorous animal living beneath NYC’s streets. It feeds on homeless people and the occasional small dog. A good ol’ fashioned 80’s monster movie.

11 x 17 G&I

On October 14th I’ll be exhibiting some pieces for the Get Your Ass to Mars show at Function 13. This show was originally set for September, but … yeah. Stuff happens. There’s a bunch of new artists set up for the show, as well as familiar faces. I’ll post the details later. In poster form. For now; here’s a sneak peek brought to you by Nolan and myself. We collaborated on this a while ago and it turned out awesome.

11 x 17

Gouache and ink

I was asked to do a portrait of Ganesha, son of Parvati, but put my own spin on it. Ganesha’s large ears are to listen more, his big head is used to think about the bigger picture, his small eyes are for concentration, his broken tusk contrasting the full tusk symbolizes keeping the good and letting go of the bad, his trunk symbolizes high efficiency and adaptability. Ganesha has four arms as well, so represented that with the four hands.

It was a fun painting and it will be featured in the Get Your Ass to Mars show in September.

11×17 gouache and ink

I had an assignment in second year illustration at OCADU questioning the contents of my fridge. My answer was this abstract piece. Basically, samsara, and additives.

Gouache and ink